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The Aptian transgression in the Sierra de Segura (Prebetic Zone, Jaén province)

dc.contributor.authorGarcía Hernández, M.
dc.contributor.authorCastro Jiménez, José Manuel
dc.contributor.authorNieto, Luis M.
dc.description.abstractThe cretaceous successions of the Prebetic; deposited on the Southern Iberian Continental Margin, record the later part of a rifting stage (Oxfordian to early Albian). The northern part of the sierra de Segura (jaén province, SE Spain) shows a stratigraphic record of the tectonosedimentary evolution of the early cretaceous time. Four sedimentary sequences have been defined for the Barremian - Early Albian interval, which are evidence for different transgressive pulses, coinciding with the extensional phases of the north atlantic rifting. The first transgressive episode took place in the early Barremian, with deposition of several marine carbonate beds within a lacustrine succession (sequence 04). In the late Bedoulian arose the maximum transgression, with deposition of litoral calcarenites in previously emerged areas of the margin (sequence Ci5). The concluding reactivation of the rifting phase occurred in the late Aptian, with deposition of rudist-bearing limestones in all the studied area (sequence 06). This last tectonic phase caused the migration of depocenters towards the continent. The deposition of sequence 07, with expansive continental and marine deposits marked the end of the rifting and de beginning of the post-rift phaseen_US
dc.publisherSociedad Geológica de Españaen_US
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España*
dc.subject.otherShallow platformen_US
dc.titleLa transgresión Aptiense en la Sierra de Segura (Zona Prebética, provincia de Jaén)en_US
dc.titleThe Aptian transgression in the Sierra de Segura (Prebetic Zone, Jaén province)eng

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