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Stratigraphic development in the allochthonous units of the Gamonedo-Cabrales Area (Picos de Europa, Asturias, NW Spain)

dc.contributor.authorMartínez García, E.
dc.contributor.authorVilla, E.
dc.description.abstractStructural and palaeontological (mainly fusulinids) studies of the area between Gamonedo and Cabrales have shown the existence of more than nine tectonically superposed units showing differences in the uncohformable syn-orogenic successions deposited in between orogenic episodes. There are three successions, the lower one between the Leonian and Asturian unconformities composed of the Gamonedo arid Demues formations of latest Moscovian (Myachkovsky) - mid Kasimovian (Khamovnichesky) age, the middle one between the Asturian and Saalian unconformities and consisting of the Puentelles and Cavandi formations of late Kasimovian (Dorogomilovsky) - Gzhelian age, and the higher one above the Saalian unconformity, represented by the Mestas de Con Formation of Gzhelian ageen_US
dc.publisherSociedad Geológica de Españaen_US
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dc.subject.otherPicos de Europaen_US
dc.subject.otherNW Spainen_US
dc.titleEl desarrollo estratigráfico en las unidades alóctonas del área de Gámonedo-Cabrales (Picos de Europa, Asturias, NW de España)en_US
dc.titleStratigraphic development in the allochthonous units of the Gamonedo-Cabrales Area (Picos de Europa, Asturias, NW Spain)eng

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