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A model on the orbital forcing on platform sedimentation: The Albian-Cenomanian of the Puerto del Remolcador (Maestrazgo, Castellón)

dc.contributor.authorGarcía Hidalgo, J. F.
dc.contributor.authorGarcía, A.
dc.contributor.authorSegura, M.
dc.description.abstractThere are marry papers dealing with orbital forcing on sedimentation, mainly on deep facies. The study of orbital forcing on platform sediments, however, depends on the development of accurate models, which can be contrasted with sediments. A cyclic model on the superimposition of three different orders of sedimentary cycles has been elaborated to explain sedimentation in the Upper Albian - Cenomanian times in the Iberian Ranges, and it has been used in order to check the Puerto del Remolcador section looking for orbital forcing signals. The model allow the determination of the different cycles duration (1,2 m.a, 240 ka and 48 ka), which is close to those of orbital forced cycles, mainly with the 41 ka obliquity cycles. Using the duration of the cycles, both the temporal extension of the distinct lithostratigraphic units and the sedimentary rate of limestones and marls can also be estimateden_US
dc.publisherSociedad Geológica de Españaen_US
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España*
dc.subject.otherOrbital forcingen_US
dc.subject.otherPlatform sedimentsen_US
dc.subject.otherUpper Albianen_US
dc.titleUn modelo sobre el control orbital de la sedimentación en medios de plataforma: el Albiense-Cenomaniense del Puerto del Remolcador (Maestrazgo, Castellón)en_US
dc.titleA model on the orbital forcing on platform sedimentation: The Albian-Cenomanian of the Puerto del Remolcador (Maestrazgo, Castellón)eng

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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
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